This rack makes me smile every time I look at it and has made my system sound more refined and enjoyable. I chose to review the SVT as I feel it is the sweet spot in their range from a price vs performance perspective, along with its domestic acceptability compared to the Reference range. The unique shape of the rack is said to break up vibration nodes and the avoidance of magnetic materials reduces the transmission of RFI. I can only speak for the results, which were a significant sonic upgrade over my already well-regarded rack. Each part of the rack is made in the UK by passionate craftsmen and is both upgradable and expandable. Whilst, not a budget offering, it should last a lifetime, and Quadraspire’s reputation means their products retain a strong resale value. The wide range of different colours and configurations available means most audiophiles should find a great-looking and sounding solution that suits their room and system.

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