Exaudīŏ, īs, īre, īvī, ītum: (ex,audio) v. tr.

1. verb: conjugation: 4th conjugation
2. Definitions: comply with, heed, hear clearly, hear from afar, understand
In Dicionário Latim – Português, Porto Editora.


Exaudīŏ was formed in 2003 because of the necessity to acquire a pair of one of the best loudspeakers in the World. At the time a dealer for Portugal did not exist. Of course we’re talking about ATC. This is the brand that I’ve been using and have worked with for Portuguese record productions. It is also the reference system in some of the major studios around the World.
At Exaudīŏ we try that all the brands that we distribute have some synergy between them in order for the mix and match of equipment to be easier for our Customers.
Above all, we try that  all the reproduced sound be as close to the original as possible. We make this selection based in our know-how as well as in our experience throughout the years in the professional recording industry where we kept close contact with the true sources of music, the musicians and their instruments.


Client by client we show, demonstrate and build our reputation.


To Help our customers attract more and better clients. At Exaudīŏ we are aware of the global market we’re living in today, because of that our prices are highly competitive at the European level and because of that our clients can guarantee to their customers that they’ll hardly find a brand-new price as competitive as ours. At Exaudīŏ we don’t forget our clients and despite our competitive prices we guarantee better margins to our retailers.


We take our values very seriously and run all our actions according with them. Even in the toughest times. These values represent our way of being and guide our conduct both professional and personal.
Respect to the person

We treat all with respect and dignity. We recognize the differences of values on different cultures. We communicate with sincerity, listening to each one, no matter their level of instruction, gender, race, hierarchic position, financial or social status. We recognize that the quality starts with people and among them with each and every one of us as individuals.

Social responsibility

Being on a business that generates so much waist, our Company proud ourselves of delivering all of our waist to recycle.

Warrant of confidentiality

We guarantee total confidentiality on information of our clients and our potential clients.

Highest standards of integrity

We believe in an ethic consultancy that promotes the fulfilment of the needs of clients. We promote honesty and ethics in all our businesses. We fulfil our promises and admit our mistakes. Our personal conduct is warrant of trust.

Focus on results

Our dedication force us to a compromise to try to exceed all our clients expectations.

We always seek to respond to the real needs of our customers. We coordinate partnerships in order to present or exceed the expected results.

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