Galardões de fim de ano para as Nossas marcas.

Na esperança de um melhor ano 2021…

Galardão melhor de 2020 pela revista online The Ear: Colunas Acoustic Energy 509

It’s always hard to pick ‘the best’ but this floor-standing loudspeaker is worthy of the accolade on several fronts, not least its sonic performance but also on styling and value-for-money. This last criteria is always important to my mind. Here we had a departure from the AE designs of old with their metal drive units, making the AE509 a refined design capable of poise and finesse. This was a loudspeaker I was sorry to say goodbye to, and that’s probably a reviewer’s biggest compliment. Across a range of genres, the AE509 was at home and produced plenty of full-bodied, foot-tapping sounds with well-controlled bass in large dollops yet never overpowering.

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Galardão melhor de 2020 pela revista online The Ear: Colunas ATC SCM7

“A long-time fan of this manufacturer’s large (massive, even) active speakers, I was blown away by the sheer ability of the diminutive SCM7. A shoebox-sized design, it became truly addictive through its ability to handle an array of material with consummate ease. Their imaging was spot-on and the LF performance surprising given the cabinet volume. The overall balance is slightly warm, and all the more enjoyable for that. At the price point they have to be considered exceptional value-for-money and the ideal starting point for audiophiles on a tight budget or with a confined listening room. They also proved ideal either side of my desktop computer as Zoom conferencing replaced face-to-face meeting amid the global pandemic, they are as ideal on speech as they are across a range of musical styles.”

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Galardão melhor leitor de CD’s do ano 2020 no Hifi clube.

“A Audio Note é a mais conservadora – e também a mais radical – das marcas icónicas de áudio britânicas. JVH passou algum tempo com o leitor-CD AN 4.1x, e elogia a coragem e engenho de Peter Qvortrup.

A Audio Note é provavelmente a mais ‘audiófila’ das marcas de áudio, tanto no sentido da qualidade de som, que prima pela ‘musicalidade’, um dos termos mais ‘gastos’ do glossário acústico, porque quer dizer tudo e não quer dizer nada, como do ‘fanatismo’ dos seus seguidores..”

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Galardão escolha dos colaboradores 2020 pelo site Positive Feedback: Amplificador Integrado Audio Note Oto Phono SE Signature

“The Audio Note (UK) Oto Phono Signature integrated amplifier is one of Audio Note (UK)’s “entry level” products, but regardless of its position in the Audio Note (UK) product lines, the Oto Phono Signature integrated amplifier is one of the finest performing audio amplifiers I’ve ever had in my home at any price.”

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Galardão escolha dos colaboradores 2020 pelo site Positive Feedback: Leitor de CD’s Audio Note CD 2.1x/II

“The Audio Note (UK) CD 2.1x/II Level Two Red Book CD Player was able to inject a dose of fun, adventure, and immense listening satisfaction into my life in a way that was completely unexpected by this old analog stalwart..”


Galardão melhores Headphones high end de 2020 pelo site Home Theater & High Fidelity: Earspeakers eletrostáticos Stax SR-007A

“Electrostatic headphones sound like nothing else out there and anyone who is serious about their headphone listening should experience a pair for themselves to understand what I mean. The STAX SR-007A “Ear-speakers” hit that sweet spot for me in terms of comfort and performance unlike anything else, from a headphone standpoint, that I have experienced thus far.”

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Galardão acessório do ano 2020 pela prestigiada revista britânica Hifi+: Switch English Electric

“Going from a Cisco Catalyst 2960 S1 to the 8Switch resulted in a considerable increase in high-frequency detail and better timing.”

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