Bom ano 2020 e galardões das Nossas marcas.

galardoes 2019
galardoes 2019

Bom ano 2020 para todos os Nossos amigos e clientes. Esperamos contar com a Vossa preferência neste novo ano.


Galardão de produto do ano pela prestigiada videozine AVShowrooms ao pré amplificador Audio Note M10 Signature.

“Audio Note M10 Signature Linestage:
An upgrade with new boards for the power supply and resistor change within the unit results in the most transparent and holographic sound one can achieve in a home system.”

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Galardão de produto do ano às colunas Acoustic Energy 500 pela revista online Stereonet UK como as melhores colunas de suporte 2019.

“At this precise moment, the new Acoustic Energy AE500 is the best all-round standmount loudspeaker that I have heard at this price point. It does so much so well yet is largely free of vices, so it’s really hard to say anything against it. If you’re in the market for a great affordable small speaker, then it’s here right in front of you.”

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Galardão de produto da decada  às colunas ATC SCM11 mk II pela revista What Hi-fi?

“The first generation of ATC SCM11s would certainly find a place among the previous decade’s greatest hits, but these Mk IIs took performance to a notably higher level. You can thank the new in-house manufactured soft-dome tweeter and the classier curved cabinets.

The main point of distinction between these speakers and their rivals is the use of a sealed cabinet – you’ll search in vain for a reflex port here. This suggests that the quality should be better, even though the quantity of bass may take a hit.

But the ATCs matched class rivals in low-frequency quantity while bettering all-comers when it came to detail, dynamics and rhythmic ability. These monitors went on to dominate their price point at our Awards for the next five years and remain first-class contenders, even today.”

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bryston 3B fairaudio award2020

Galardão de produto favorito de 2020 pela revista Germânica Fairaudio

“Of course, there is no such thing as just a power amplifier manufacturer – as Bryston also has all sorts of other electronics and speakers in its portfolio. Nevertheless, the Canadians grew up with power amplifiers. Quality sound over five decades of maturity that you certainly can hear – even with the smaller models.”

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