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These active British monitors are known for their inner detail, well defined bass extension and superb midrange. If passive ATCs are known for being power hungry you have nothing to worry about here as the manufacturer provided the active
version with 242 watts of class A/B power, enough to get you rocking straight out of the box. The new in-house built tweeter blends seamlessly with the midrange.

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Audio Note CDT2 / II

Discussions about CD transports may sound a little boring these days, but the Audio Note was so fun that we wanted to listen to our CD collections—and not even in a retro way.
The CDT-Two/II sounded “breathtakingly open, clear and extended.” Remarkably, this transport also excels at reading even the dirtiest of discs.

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Maquina de limpeza de discos Okki Nokki

This affordable RCM has many of the same features as more expensive cleaners such as a cool-running motor, a forward and reverse motor for scrubbing and a clever design for ensuring fluid does not get sucked back into the vacuum motor. Comes with fluid and brushes.


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