A ATC soma mais um galardão, desta vez e pela 1ª vez Golden Ear Award

Leiam na integra a justificação de Neil Gader para tão prestigiado galardão:

ATC SCM19A loudspeaker
If memory serves, the SCM19A is the first fully active loudspeaker to receive a GE Award. It’s high time, too. The “active” segment remains a relative rarity in the high end—a breed more likely to reside in recording studios than in the listening rooms of audio sophisticates, who often prefer component “mixing and matching” to active designs where all electronics and transducers are optimized for each other. Having reviewed ATC’s passive stand-mount version (same internal volume), I found the active version is really far superior. This two-way, acoustic-suspension, bi-amplified/electronic crossover floorstander is neutral through the broader midrange and presence range. But in comparison to the passive version, the key differences are the 19A’s improved imaging, almost point-source-like coherence, three-dimensional immersiveness, and low-end control. The sound is more densely filled with ambient cues and the orchestral soundstage more fully grounded; plus, there is a broader and more colorful palette of timbre and texture to draw from. The SCM19A is a stronger, more muscular version of the passive SCM19, as if it had spent the last few months at the gym. Expensive for a two-way? Not when you factor in the active elements. There is no reasonably priced two-way loudspeaker that I can recommend more highly.

Disponível para audição nas Nossas instalações.


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